Honeymoons in South America

South America is a stunning continent, with incredible things to see and do. There’s no doubt you could have the perfect luxury honeymoon here, it’s just a question of choosing which of the fantastic places you want to visit!

From beautiful beaches to gigantic glaciers, this continent really does have it all. The coast of Brazil is littered with islands and beach destinations to enjoy, though Rio will probably be hard to resist if you’re in the area. Cities aren’t a problem though if you’re looking for a city break honeymoon; Buenos Aires is amongst the best in the world where you can gorge on steak, dance a steamy Tango and then soak up a different kind of passion at the local football.

The south of Argentina offers something altogether different for honeymooners, with steep slopes for skiing and glaciers that will blow your mind. If you’re a couple with a taste for adventure, you won’t be able to resist this. And adventure is a key ingredient for your honeymoon then Peru should also be a serious consideration. Hike to Macchu Pichu, sandboard around the dunes of Huacahina or float down the Amazon, the choice is yours.

Wildlife lovers will already have their eye on a trip to the Galapagos Islands, where it’s possible to wander right up to the most placid of beasts and see them unaffected. Don’t count out the Pantanal in Brazil or Rurrenabaque in Bolivia either if wildlife is high on your list of priorities.

South America has the lot, and has luxury accommodation with all the trimmings to match to ensure your honeymoon is unforgettable, whatever you choose to do.

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