Honeymoons in North America

honeymoon north america

North America is a vast continent so it’s no surprise that it offers a wide array of potential honeymoon destinations. Both the USA and Canada have a great selection of romantic and adventurous destinations for newly weds to enjoy their first weeks of marriage.

From Miami to Las Vegas, New York to the Grand Canyon, America is packed with stunning world icons, vibrant cities and irresistable destinations. For a lavish honeymoon, nothing beats Sin City in Las Vegas – you might even see some people getting hitched themselves! Take your pick from a long list of incredible cities; New York will undoubtedly be high on the list, but Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and many more will be competing for your presence, all with their own taste of luxury for you to enjoy. The beach lovers aren’t left wanting either, with Miami and the Florida coast a choice on most people’s list. California will throw in a good challenge for you on that front too though, and have you heard of a little place called Hawaii? And if you’re looking for trips to world recognised symbols, then it’s hard to know where to start; Grand Canyon, Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore….

For those who want something slightly different to the American Dream on their honeymoon in North America, Canada doesn’t fall short of great places to see and things to do. With fantastic cities like Vancouver and Montreal, the Canadian Rockys to explore and its own icons like Niagara Falls, you’ll find more than enough to keep you busy. And Canadians certainly know how to take care of you, so you can relax and bathe in luxury whatever you do.