Choose a Luxury Honeymoon in India

When people are dreaming of their perfect honeymoon destination they often think of the paradise beaches in Asia and the affordable luxury that is offered in that part of the world. These sorts of destinations offer the ability to live a 5 star lifestyle, without having to break the bank to do so. After all, your honeymoon should be a once in a lifetime experience!

India is the perfect place for this sort of a honeymoon, allowing you to sample the most luxurious of hotels and places, without stretching beyond your means. Whether you want the perfect beach break, some cultural experiences in India’s enchanting cities or an adventurous excursion in the mountains, India has it all and more.

If you fancy a slightly off the beaten track experience for your honeymoon, then the hill station of Lonavala is a great option. It is known for romantic getaways as it is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of nearby cities like Mumbai, and is set in a stunning area with beautiful views out across the mountains and lakes. There is also a wealth of luxury hotels in Lonavala to choose from, which will tend to your every need and cater for even the most demanding honeymooners!


For those hunting a luxury honeymoon on the beach, Goa is the obvious place to choose. With beautiful hotels, stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, there really is no more relaxing place to visit. This is the place to come for the honeymooners who want to do nothing but relax and soak up the luxury!

goa honeymoon

For the adventure honeymooners out there, look no further than the Himalayas. A trek to Everest Base Camp is a once in a lifetime experience and one which will mean you never forget your honeymoon. You have to take the term ‘luxury’ with a pinch of salt with this option as it does involve some hard work, but you can certainly do it with a bit more luxury and comfort if you’ve got the budget to do so.

Whatever type of honeymoon you’re looking for, there’s no doubt that India has nearly every option available, and all at a price that means luxury doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s certainly one of our faves here at LHD!

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