Alternative Honeymoons: Magical Montenegro

Montenegro is in the southern part of the southern Balkan Peninsula with a rich diversity of natural environments. Its mountainous landscapes, gorgeous river gorges and the finest beaches along the Adriatic Sea make it a magical destination for a different kind of honeymoon. It is an exciting destination to enjoy the sun, beaches and scenic beauty. It has a myriad of accommodations to offer, from the luxurious hotels such as Sveti Stefan to beautiful villas and exquisite Montenegrin apartments fit for an ideal honeymoon.


Budva is a historical seaside city of Montenegro where the partying never stops; it has numerous night clubs that hold great parties or head to the pristine beaches for an exhilarating beach party. After a night of unforgettable fun you can explore the city during the day and admire its ancient history, laze along the beaches and eat fresh sea food in the restaurants. It is an affordable honey moon destination in Montenegro with a lot of accommodation options from posh hotels to family run villas and you will never starve here due to the wide array of restaurants offering special Montegrin delicacies.

The magical Mogren 1 and Mogren 2 beaches are the crowns on the Budva shores with Blue Flag qualities. They are long stretches soft sand offering great views and fantastic sunbathing locations for any fun loving couple.


Lake Skadar offers an excellent location for a memorable honeymoon. It is the largest and most dynamic lake in the Balkans. It is connected to the Adriatic Sea by the Buna River and surrounded by towering mountains. Its natural beauty is astonishing and its tranquility is beguiling, it offers a romantic setting and far away from crowds. It provides a home to birds and animals and an excellent location for bird watchers. Dolphins, golden eagles, pelicans and bears can be found in the natural area surrounding this region. You can enjoy dipping in the fresh waters of the lake and enjoy activities such as kayaking, fishing or just take in the tranquil natural beauty.


It is a pristine sandy beach that has been receiving Blue Flag awards for years now to its cleanliness and it is a popular honeymoon spot. It boasts as one of the best beaches in Montenegro and due to this it has attracted high end restaurants offering international and local cuisines, beach bars, groceries and car campsites. You can have all the fun on this beach without starving or travelling fun to recharge.

The Aquarius Beach in Ulcinj is another alternative for a honeymoon if you are looking for a peaceful rest and enjoy the sun without nasty interruptions except the picturesque surroundings in this region. It is surrounded by lush pine wood forests and offers an excellent location for walking and enjoying fresh air in a relaxed pace.

The Dobrec Beach in Herceg Novi is ideal for lovers as it is more deserted and offer fantastic views with lasting impressions. It boasts as one of the best honeymoon spots in Montenegro.

Alternative Honeymoons-Magical Montenegro

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